Towelroot APK Download for Android

Towelroot is a one-click rooting app. Towelroot is the most famous rooting APK among other android rooters. This is a very light app and free to use.
So before get into the Towelroot APK first we should know about Rooting.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process that allows your android smartphones and tablets to attain higher administrative privileged control just like jail braking devices running in IOS devices. Rooting your device means obtaining “Superuser “rights and permission to your device software. Rooting simply refers to the act of obtaining access to commands, system files, and folders locations that are usually locked off for the users. Rooting helps you to access those applications in your android smartphone and tablet devices which you cannot access without rooting your smartphone. Users can install and run an application in root android smartphones and tablets that require special privileges, Bypass carrier installed software. More especially adding root to your device means to become “Superuser “which is Linux function.

There are some pros and cons of rooting your device which are as fellow:

About Towelroot APK

Towelroot is a small application that allows you to root your android device. Towel root is the most famous root application among android rooters. Towelroot is a standalone app that can function independently the optimum feature of this tool is it doesn’t need any PC to root your device. This amazing tool was developed by GeoHot. You can download this tool to get wide access over your android device. Sadly enough this app is not available on Google play store and the reason is quite simple this app deals with some sort of hacking so it cannot be available in the Google Play store. But you can download this tool from Google Chrome. This app consumes only about 100kb.

Now you might be wondering what the devices are that towelroot APK can root:

Devices that Towelroot APK can root

Towelroot APK can root most of the android devices. It seems like it can root all old smartphones. But the new versions of towel root can root new android devices Towelroot can work in Kit-Cat and Marshmellow. Towelroot can root android devices which are as fellow

  • Nexus 5
  • GS S
  • LG Phones
  • HUAWEI Phones

Samsung Devices

  • Samsung s3
  • Samsung s4
  • Samsung s5
  • Samsung note 2
  • Samsung note 3

Pros of Towelroot APK

It’s very easy to download

To download Towelroot APK simply go to your internet browsers search bar and type The browser will take you to our site of Towelroot where you will find the download option click on the download option to download Towelroot APK.

It’s incredibly easy to use

Once you download the APK go to download the option of your browser click on the APK file which you have downloaded in order to install Towelroot. Once you are done with the installation simply open the APK and click on make it run to root your device.

It’s free

Towelroot is free to download and free to use all well

Custom ROMs

Custom ROM’s totally change the appearance of your android device. There are thousands of custom ROM’s and a bunch of them are as well supported.

It gives you wide access

Towelroot gives you wide access over your smartphone. It allows you to access some of the optimum feature’s application which cannot be accessed without rooting your device.

Cons of Towelroot APK

Security risk

You might get some sort of security risk after rooting your device you may lose some of your files.

Void warranty

If you root your android device you will lose the warranty of your device or your software. This is something you really need to consider.

Act abnormal

Once you root your device start to act abnormal such as your device give automatically give to third party applications which you are reluctant to us

Consume battery

Rooted devices consume your device battery a lot as compare to unrooted devices just because towel root may affect your device software.

If you are done with the rooting by towelroot APK so there is no way that you can unroot your device. Towelroot can only root your device there isn’t an option to unroot your device.

Keys Features of Towelroot APK

  • It’s free to use
  • Very light app
  • No need connect to your PC for rooting
  • One-click root

How to download Towelroot APK

  1. Step 1:  in order to download towelroot go to any internet browser and type The browser will take to our site
  2. Step 2: once you’ll get into our site of towelroot APK where you’ll find to download option simply click on the download option.
  3. Step 3: After clicking on the download button the browser will start downloading the towelroot APK.
  4. Step 4: once you are done with the installation go to the download option of your browser where you will find the towelroot APK which you have recently downloaded.
  5. Step 5: Go to sittings> Security option> Allow unknown sources
  6. Step 6: click on the Apk to install towelroot APK.
  7. Step 7: IF you are done with the installation open towelroot APK and click on Ru1n then towelroot root Apk will root your device in a few minutes. 

Versions of Towelroot APK

  1. Towelroot V3 APK
  2. Towelroot V4 APK
  3. Towelroot V5 APK
  4. Towelroot V6 APK

These are some of the best and good supportable version of Towelroot APK. This version works almost in every android smartphone.

Towelroot V3 APK

Towelroot is the sole version that works in all android phones. Towelroot was released in early 2017 and added to the family of Towelroot. It was the most successful version of Towelroot and the problem with the Towelroot V1 APK and Towelroot APK ware you actually root all most of the android phones just because of the frequent updates in android phones. Towelroot V3 APK consumes only 0.2 MB.

Towelroot V4 APK

Towelroot APK is a rooting application that is a simple one-click rooting software. Which will root your android device in one click? This version was released in late 2017. Surely this version isn’t work in all android devices but you can still use this version to root your android phone with the help of MOD string. This version consumes 112 KB.

Towelroot V5 APK

Towelroot V5 APK is one of the latest versions of Towelroot APK introduce by Geo Hot and considered it to be one of the best. The process is piece of cake and user friendly. It’s one of the used and famous versions of Towelroot, although this version is not work in most of the android devices.

Towelroot V6 APK

As you all know Towelroot is a famous rooting app among android users. Towelroot V6 APK is the latest version of Towelroot. This version is not as good as Towelroot V3 APK. Hence, this version cannot root all the android devices. This version only supports a few android devices. It is a one-click rooting app version of Towelroot just like other versions and it has some amazing features.


Towelroot is the best root tool. If you want to root your device and wondering for a rooting application so Towelroot is going to be your best choice. Want to download Towelroot android app? Then just fellow the above step to download and root device. Don’t waste your time download Towelroot APK and enjoy amazing features.